Xiaomi Mi Max Review – The Best Competitor for the Popular Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Max is a phablet size Smartphone, and it is the first monster phone ever. It is not too long ago where people use to carry 7-inch Tablets. Though these huge tablets used to look absurd, still people caught up with the trend and followed it blindly.  The Xiaomi Mi Max developers continued the trend and they built his phablet with 6-4 inch display that can easily fit in your jeans pocket. Well, that’s what the company claims.

In fact ,Mi Max focuses mainly on content utilization, either it could be for games, videos, or even apps.  Also, it is an answer to Nokia’s Lumia 1520 that was huge and bulky Windows powered phone launched in 2013.   Considering the specification and feature set of the Mi Max, it is the larger version of the Redmi Note 3, this is another popular phone.  But the buyers want to know is Xiaomi got all the right features and they genuinely want to know is it worth spending.

Look and feel
People have seen large-screen devices before, but, the most people want to know that the Xiaomi Mi Max developers have achieved the balanced between weight, size, and ergonomics because this is what sets the good Smartphone apart.  Mi Max features a 6.4inch high display screen with GG 3 (Gorilla Glass 3) and the company mostly contemplated on providing SD (Sunlight Display) tech for better outdoor lucidity. However, you should know that the screen of Mi Max is huge and it even makes iPhone 6 plus look smaller.  However, Mi Max tried to reduce the side bezels and they reduced the below and above display space.  Also, the company made slight changes to the front glass as they rounded to avoid sharp edges.

Build and Design:

The Xiaomi Mi Max gets 7 out of 10 for build and design. The build is perfect and the quality is better than several other Smartphone.  In spite of its size, it felt strong and certainly gives a lasting impression for the users.

Users are aware of Xiaomi Smarphones for its top quality build and Mi Max definitely par that recognition.  Also, Xiaomi does not have any kind of defects in its design and you can feel it lighter compared to the Gionee Marathon M% plus when you hold it, though it is bigger in size.  However, the company assured that the design of the Xiaomi is incomparable as it is a big Smartphone with a thin body, but it still does not have any defects because of its top build quality, which is actually the plus point. Also, it is the best big Smartphone that you can get at a very affordable price.

The minus point of Xiaomi Mi Max is its fingerprint reader option that is placed oddly back side top part of the phone, which is actually not a convenient place to reach.  The other minus point is the Smartphone is not an all-metal build, for antennas, the maker gave plastic caps, these antennas are placed back and bottom side of the Smartphone, but they don’t look odd or out of place.

The top end of the Smartphone contains infrared port, secondary mic and 3.5mm headphone jack.  The bottom of the phone contains two speaker grilles, and microUSB port is placed in the center. The other minus point is its size, which is not a very convenient option as well.  It is bigger than LG G5 and One Plus 3

The Xiaomi Mi Max is comparatively slim for its size at 7.5mm with beveled edges, and with the metal body. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side of the phone and they work perfectly well.  On the left side of the phone, the hybrid SIM tray is placed, the makers have provided the option for the users, and they can either get two SIM cards or one microSD card and SIM card.

You can find the mono-speaker at the bottom of the phone along with MicroUSB port. The metal surface of the Smartphone makes it slippery, so it is recommended to get a rubber case to protect your Smartphone.

The back of the Smartphone contains the main camera, fingerprint sensor, and dual-tone LED flash. Most people may not like the metal rim which placed around the camera, it looks little odd, but anyhow it t does not cause any major difference.  The Xiaomi Mi Max is 203gm, a heavy phone but it feels light when you hold it.  It is hard to type holding the phone in one hand.

Though the makers claim that Mi Max can easily fit in your jeans, but is large enough to fit into your jeans pocket, even if you try to fit in, you cannot sit comfortably nor do any bending tasks with your phone in your pocket.  The fact is, it is not an easy phone to carry around, and you may struggle a little bit because of its large size for daily commutes.  It is hard to stuff it in your pocket, but it is sure that Mi Max is sure to attract several people’s attention, not just because of its size, but also because of its premium look and well-built.  The unit comes with cable, charger, SIM ejector tool and instructions broacher.

The Mi Max perfectly fits in your hand or in your handbag, but not in your jeans pocket.  It fits in your hand, but it is hard to navigate or type with a single hand.


Xiaomi Mi Max gets 8 out of 10 for its features.  The makers have provided all-inclusive features in this Smartphone.  In fact, they have provided more, which includes its size and big 6.4inch HD IPS LCD display.  The inside of the Smartphone contains QS (Qualcomm Snapdragon 650) and contains 1.4Hz united with 32GB and 3GB RAM of internal storage.  You can expand the storage space and it can allow up to 256GB capacity cards.  However, you have to give up one SIM slot if you want to expand the storage. It also comes with dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 4G bands, GPS, Bluetooth v4.2, microUSB port, and infrared port. The handset should actually run MIUI8, but the review unit is running MIUI7 with 6.0 Marshmallow Android on board. It comes with a 4850mAh battery and this is the complete package of this Mi Max Smartphone.

Software and Specifications:

TheXiaomi Mi Max is powered by QS 650 Soc, 32GB storage, and 3GB RAM. The makers are planning to launch an advanced option soon, and it comes with octa-core Snapdragon 652SoC, 128GB storage, and 4GB RAM. The Smartphone also have other exclusive specs, including dual-band WIFIb/g/n/ac, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.1, 4G VoLTE, USB OTG, and FM radio.

The sofrware of Xiaomi , it runs on a modified version of AM (Android Marshmallow) which is known as MIUI7, which is tested on v7.5.30. The company did not add some features like “Now on Tap” in this version, but they assure that it will be added soon; also they will upgrade the phone so that it can run MIUI 8.

To make your typing task easy on your Xiaomi Mi Max, you just simply swipe right or left on the capacitive buttons, this action will shrink the screen down on the bottom of the display so that you can easily type, but it still not that convenient to hold the device and type with the single hand because of its weight and size of the Mi Max.

Mi Max also comes with a feature called Quick ball or Shortcut menu, this feature allows the users to allocate five shortcuts to either an app or a function to a hovering onscreen ball that the user can use it anywhere, including the home screen.  This feature is similar to Assistive Touch feature of iPhone.  This is a very handy feature, particularly for going back the home screen or a page as you don’t need to worry about getting the capacitive buttons.


Xiaomi Mi Max gets 7.5 out of 10 for display. The Smartphone full HD display is a bit disappointing for users, but it has some surprise in store. Xiaomi makers managed to provide 6.4 inch display with Full HD resolution, which is very impressive. It offers sharp images and text and the colors look accurate. It runs MIUI7 and offers a reading mode, and allows you to adjust colors and contrast in DS (Display Settings). You can as well twist the display to illustrate cooler or warmer colors and you can adjust the contrast according to your liking.

The best Sunlight legibility and the display is bit sensitive, which is significant for a device of that size. You can enjoy reading ebooks, watching videos and browsing the web as it offers huge display and big and longer battery life.

The makers stated that the Mi Max will be powered with MIUI8, but it still came with MIUI7, and it features Android 6.0 Marshmallow, however, it is not very disappointing as it works well.

The Mi Max offers smooth and silky animations and transitions on MIUI7. The software allows you to take advantage of the strong and powerful hardware base and apps and offers stutter-free experience.

The built-in feature album art in music player can be displayed. Also, you cannot see some of the notification from some apps though you see the LED notification light on the device.  The device also refuses to download some apps because of some compatibility issues.  You can buy Xiaomi at Amazon as it is one of the online resellers.


Xiaomi Mi Max gets 8 out of 10 for performance as it offers really impressive features.  It comes with Redmi Note 3 inside. The QS 650 chipset comes with the best software that allows the users to open the apps easily.  There is no trace of stutter and it went in for a Full HD display.  The device not only saves battery life and offers longer battery life, and offers sharper and less eccentric compared to Quad HD display, which make your games more interesting to play in your Smartphone.

There are not any noticeable bugs or glitches in the software of Mi Max. The OS works very smoothly and it does multitasking. The best thing is it offers 800MB free RAM for the users.  You may feel heavy if you have to attend a long call because of its huge size. The Snapdragon 650 SoC offers a lot of squawk for most games and apps. Call quality and audio quality is good and the speakers was loud enough,


Xiaomi Mi Max gets 7 out of 10 for Camera feature because like any other Max product, in this Smartphone also  the image quality is not very impressive, but it is definitely better than other products. The 16 Mp rare Camera of Mi Max produces some of the best and worthy images.  The images filled in the right point of saturation and it even replicates colors accurately compared to the other competitors.

During daytime, the daylight shooting will give you the great experience, as it captures the right amount of light, but low-light images are not that great.  On some HDR images, you can see a purple fringing, and you will find some blurriness on the images that are captured in dim lighting. It did not perform as expected for the phase detection system, and it did not lock focus several times.  But, during right conditions, the Mi Max camera performed amazingly well.

Battery life:

Xiaomi Mi Max gets 9 out of 10 for its extraordinary battery life feature.  On a single charge, Xiaomi Mi Max battery lasted for quite a long period.  Users can benefit with the added quick Charger that comes with Xiaomi in the package, which allows you to charge the large 4850mAh battery very quickly.  However, Mi Max is not the fastest charging device around, but it surely offers longer battery life.

Overall Xiaomi Mi Max is a one of a kind device that offers a great PMP and comes with a large 6.4inch display. There are several pros and cons, but still, it is worth a try and it’s a good choice for the people who love to talk on larger phones.

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