Xiaomi Mi 5X Review: Efficient Version Of Mi 6

In order to attract more customers, Xiaomi has released quite a lot of new smartphones this year. The most brand-new is Mi 5X. This smartphone is assigned to disrupt the middle-class smartphone market, especially those offering dual-camera configurations.


Good appearance. Nowadays, so many smartphones look similar one to each other. Including Mi 5X which is similar to Mi Max 2. Subjectively, we like the design of the Mi 5X which is dominated by metal. This 5.5-inch smartphone is quite thin and also the back part is not easily dirty by fingerprints.

The camera is similar to Mi 6. All of us definitely desire a flagship smartphone, whether it’s because of the specifications or the camera. Although classified as an affordable flagship, in fact, there are still many people who have not been able to buy Mi 6. That’s why Xiaomi provides Mi 5X.

This smartphone has a dual-camera, identically like the Mi 6, which is 12 MP + 12 MP with 2x optical zoom plus portrait mode. When we compare, the camera Mi 5X and Mi 6 turned out to produce images of similar quality, although the used sensors are different.

Xiaomi Mi 6’s camera has Sony sensor, while the camera Mi 5X has OmniVision sensor. Especially for you who like a photo with bokeh effect, the offered quality should be satisfactory.

Battery Durability. The battery is quite durable. Screen-on-time which is nearly six hours signifies an above-average of battery life. Although it is not the most efficient, at least Mi 5X battery will not run out for the usage from morning until 8 pm in active use without playing games. The durability of the battery is also influenced by Snapdragon 625 chipset which is already known as the super-efficient chipset.

USB Type C. The USB port type is actually an insignificant thing. But since the current trend shows the transition from micro USB to USB C, the presence of a USB C port on a middle-class smartphone become one of the positive things. In addition to more sophisticated, the new port also has a better data transfer speed.


The camera is without OIS. It’s quite satisfying to take pictures with Mi 5X camera, but it doesn’t mean there is no lack in it. Keep in mind, although it can capture pictures as good as Mi 6, the camera of Mi 5X definitely lost when dealing in video recording capability. Due to the absence of OIS, the results of the video recording are more vibrating than Mi 6.

Confusing market positioning. The presence of Mi 5X clearly makes us more confused. Sold at price range of about USD 300, Mi 5X will kill each other with the other Xiaomi smartphones, such as Redmi Note 4 (official warranty), Mi 5 and international version of Mi 5s. In fact, too many Xiaomi smartphones have a price range of USD 300 for now.


Xiaomi Mi 5X is actually an interesting option for you who have about USD 300 in a pocket. The camera is similar to Mi 6 and its performance is similar to Mi Max 2. But with the tag price of USD 300-ish, its presence is also quite confusing because, on same price range, there are other options that are not less interesting, such as Mi 5s.

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