LG V20 VS LG G6: The Difference

It hasn’t been too long since LG launched its new flagship mobile called G6 and until now, we feel that it is definitely one to buy. The phone comes with powerful specifications, and the new design is absolutely incredible. Of course, it also comes with the latest Android operating system.

However, we have to say that last year, LG did one of the best jobs by launching V20 to the world. It has been rated as one of the top phones of 2017 with the latest hardware and an excellent design. It also attracted many customers and exceeded its expected sales. The only downside of this phone was that the developers did not launch it in the UK.

Now that you know a little about each phone, we will get on to the comparison between the two. There are quite some noticeable differences between the two phones including design. Keep reading to know more about these differences.

Design Comparison

When you look at the two, you will be able to notice that they are both modern in terms of the design and up to par by modern standards. Both are sleek and great to look at, but one has an edge over the other, which you will find out in just a bit.

There are very little similarities between the designs of the G6 and its predecessor as the new version has received a major change. If you think that it would still have some looks of its previous model, G5, you are mistaken as LG has taken out the modular look and added more to its aesthetics to offer consumers a better-looking and user-friendly phone. The G6 has a metal unibody and solid glass which makes it look quite striking.

Another change is in the screen to body ratio. It has increased a whole lot. This means that the front of the phone is largely occupied by the display. Many feel that this look was also adopted by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and even the Apple iPhone 8, which gives LG the edge on picking up the trend before the other major market players.

The V20 is also commendable when it comes to design. You will notice that it has very minimal use of metal and has a thin bezel. The material used for its construction consists of lightweight aluminum, AL6013. The surprising part of the design of this phone was that its top and bottom parts were protected by a new silicon-based material, which is silicone polycarbonate, giving it an overall sturdy design.

In all honesty, one might take a quick look at both phones and feel them to be quite similar at first, but upon closer inspection, the difference between the two is easily noticeable. The G6 is a bit more polished and premium and while the V20 is great to look at, LG put in a bit more effort in the design of the G6. The body is smaller and the phone has a narrower bezel with a nice big screen, which gives it more appeal and makes it a better phone to look at.

Another thing you must be wondering would be about the colors available. The G6 comes in black, platinum and white, whereas the V20 is available in titan, pink and silver.

Display Comparison

As these mobiles were launched only after a few months from each other, there is not much difference in their display or specs for that matter. However, there are a few things that are quite noticeable which can help a person understand and reach a conclusion as to which one is better suited for them.

When it comes to the display, the advantages lie with the G6 as it has a little more to it than just a higher display resolution. The screen size of both phones is the same at 5.7 inches, but the G6 supports 1440 by 2880 pixel resolution, whereas the V20 has 1440 by 2560 pixels. This means that the G6 has a higher pixel density than the V20, giving it a brighter, better and clearer screen.

With that out of the way, you should also know that this difference is not too much and you will mostly only be able to tell the difference when you keep the two side by side and on the same brightness settings. However, the G6 does support HDR video, while the V20 does not.

The screen to body ratio of the G6 is 80% whereas that of V20 is 72.4%.

Camera Comparison

One of the main things that you consider when investing so much in a phone is the type of camera it has. When it comes to the LG G6 and V20, there is quite a difference in the main camera, while the front camera for both is the same. However, the quality of the pictures and videos and overall camera performance depend on the photographer and on many other factors such as the lights, settings, and angle.

Both phones’ cameras come with a dual camera arrangement. In the G6, the rear camera has an OIS sensor and a normal 13 MP camera, both of which have f/1.8 aperture. The front camera includes 5 megapixels and a wide angle as well as f/2.4 aperture.

LG V20, on the other hand, comes with a 16 MP rear camera which supports f/1.8 aperture and an 8 MP sensor which has a f/2.4 aperture. The front camera is the same as the G6, which is 5 MP with f/1.9 aperture.

On the basis of the specs provided, we feel that the G6 will perform a little better in terms of picture quality as it has a higher resolution sensor and a wide aperture which basically allows the camera to get more light and take bright pictures.

Comparison of the CPU, Memory, and Software

Although most of the specs between the two phones are very similar (only a minor noticeable difference), we feel that the G6 performs better than the V20 as its processor is more powerful.

The V20 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip, while the G6 uses the newer version of Snapdragon with an 821 processor. As per Qualcomm, the 821 is at least 10% better and faster than 820. The RAM module is the same on both phones, which is 4 GB, and they both come in variants of 32 GB as well. One major difference between the two is that you can get a 64 GB version with the V20 but not with the G6. Both phones allow users to insert an external microSD card for external storage.

There is not much to say when it comes to the comparison between the software of the two phones. They both come with Google’s 7.0 Nougat, which is Android’s latest operating system. They are also both integrated with the custom LG UX software, which is probably where the major difference lies as LG modified its OS during the creation of the G6 so that it could support its new 18:9 aspect ratio, which also makes it a little unique in its own way.

There are a few other specs that the G6 has which the V20 lacks. This includes the likes of wireless charging and an IP68 certified waterproofing. Some other specs that are the same on both phones are as follows:

  1. Headphone jack
  2. Fingerprint scanner
  3. Connectivity to Wi-Fi, USB-C, and 4G

Battery Comparison

The same applies to the battery as well; they are both different, yet the difference is not too much. It can easily be compensated for each other and we all know that eventually, all phones tend to lose their battery life a little. The size of the battery in the G6 is 3300 mAh whereas that of the V20 is 3200 mAh, which means that the G6 will have a slightly better battery performance and a better life than that of the V20.

As far as charging goes for both of them, they are similar to each other, that is, they both support Quick Charge 3.0. The biggest difference between the two is that the G6 has wireless charging while the V20 does not.

Value for Money

A good phone these days does not come cheap, so keep in mind that you will be investing some money in order to buy a good phone. For that reason, it is imperative that you choose a phone that gives you better value for money. You may have already noticed that both these phones cost about $500 which makes them expensive phones to buy.

If you go into the market, you will find the G6 to be priced as low as $650 to $720, depending on the storage, whereas the V20 will cost within $480 to $829. Keep in mind that V20 offers 64 GB as well while the G6 does not. From these price ranges, it is safe to say that the G6 costs more than the V20. However, it also offers more in terms of some specs and design. We feel that the G6 offers more value for money than the other phone and is currently more popular in the market.

Which One Should You Buy?

It can be confusing when you have to make up your mind about a phone, especially if you are stuck between beauties such as these two. The best way to go about it is to weigh your options, prioritize your needs, and pick the one that falls closer to them.

  • Do you want the one with the better hardware? Then, go for the G6 as it has better specifications than the V20. You will have a better camera, a fast processor, wireless charging and a few other added bonuses.
  • Do you have a set price range? If yes, of course, go for the one that falls within it. However, if both are easy to buy, consider the one that gives you better storage (if that matters to you). The G6 is a bit higher in price than the V20, but it does give you better value for money.
  • Are you willing to consider alternatives? If you are loyal to LG, your best pick is amongst these two. However, if you are willing to look at other options, there are many others available as well. For example, Google Pixel 2 was just launched and is a great buy. Most of the other major players in the cell phone market are also said to launch their new phones this year, so maybe you would like to watch out for those as well.


We have finally reached the end of our discussion, so we will do a quick overview of the two phones and their differences. First of all, in the design department, both phones are very appealing to look at, being sleek and slender with a great body, but the G6 has a higher ratio of screen to body and a metal unibody design, making a bit sturdier in case you are prone to falls and such.

When it comes to specs, the G6 takes the cake. This is because it comes with a few bonus features and some of the specs, especially on paper, are better than the LG V20. It also has a better processor which is Snapdragon 821 and a slightly modified skin by LG. The screen resolution is a bit higher and so are the camera pixels. It includes waterproofing and wireless charging as well. The G6 is said to have a longer battery life as well, and its size is bigger.

In terms of price, the G6 costs more than the V20 and does not come in 64 GB, but the difference in the pricing is not that high and the G6 does offer better value for money than the V20. Overall, we would say that both phones are excellent productions by LG, but if we were to choose which one is better, we would pick the G6.

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