Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review

Unlike the more widely-known Lenovo, ZUK might not be well-known in today’s smartphone world. Actually, ZUK is one of Lenovo’s subsidiaries that are made to fight in affordably-priced flagship smartphone marketplaces, which is similar to OnePlus.

ZUK Z1 as ZUK’s first product has been officially released. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the most fortunate country to get this newly-launched smartphone first. In US Dollars, ZUK Z1’s price is approximately USD350.


Comfortable Handles

Its’ 5.5-inch monitor is a proof that ZUK Z1 follows the current smartphone trends. As a result, it has big body dimension, which is worth of 15 x 8 cm. However, we feel comfortable in handling it as this smartphone has touch-friendly, ergonomic arches. Along with its’ unibody design and combination between aluminum and glasses materials at the back, ZUK Z1 looks exceedingly sharp.

Type-C USB and Fingerprint Sensors

ZUK Z1’s two main strong points rely upon their USB port and fingerprint sensors. In this case, ZUK Z1 becomes the first smartphone launched in Indonesia that has Type-C USB port for faster battery charging and data transferring processes. At the same time, this smartphone has also been equipped with responsive fingerprint sensors on its’ home tab. Please bear in mind that you have to tab “Power” button prior to touching the sensors, in order to have the lockscreen unlocked.

Detailed Speaker

If you happen to see six small holes on the bottom of your ZUK Z1 phone, then those are the speakers’ plugs. You can hear crystal-clear and detailed voices coming up from those plugs once you play your favorite games, watch videos, or even listen to music. Not stopping there, ZUK Z1 also provides equalizer settings.

CyanogenOS 12.1

Highly-customizable CyanogenOS 12.1 in ZUK Z1 is an appealing point for you who love to customize and experience with your smartphone. This OS excels in its’ responsive performances and has got its’ own record screen for recording smartphone-related activities as well, which makes this OS ZUK Z1’s strong point. For your information, this OS is similar to those of OnePlus One’s.

Legendary Processor

Many people frown on ZUK Z1’s inability in using newest CPU, such as Snapdragon 810, while in general, its’ Snapdragon 801 CPU is already a superbly-performed CPU. This seemingly-outdated-yet-legendary processor is also not too hot and stable enough to run many applications and games in these days. Its’ additional 3 GB RAM is also really helpful in running various applications through multitasking mode.

Eye-Friendly Monitor

ZUK Z1’s monitor resolution has already reached full HD. It becomes even eye-friendlier monitor when coupled with its’ glossy-looking monitor. Additionally, ZUK Z1’s monitors are also capable of displaying pure white colors without any apparent blurs. We can even adjust the monitor’s temperature from 1,000 to 10,000 Kelvin.

Gigantic Battery Capacity

Compared to OnePlus One, ZUK Z1 is more powerful in terms of its’ battery powers with a capacity of 4,100 mAh. We can charge its’ batteries for a maximum of 2 hours. Once it’s fully-charged and used daily, ZUK Z1’s batteries can produce screen-on-time for 4 hours or more.

Swiftly-Performing Camera

The dynamic duo of ZUK Z1’s 13 MP main cameras and 8 MP front cameras are, indeed, promising ones. Even though they may not deliver the best result, those cameras are optimal to accommodate every day’s photographing needs and upload pictures in various social media. We can also shoot objects quickly by using those two cameras. It’s too bad that ZUK doesn’t complete those cameras with manual mode.


Can’t Use Ordinary USB Ports

This is actually not a weak point that ZUK Z1 should have. Since there are few smartphones that have Type-C USB port today, fewer people are having Type-C USB chargers and data ports. As a result, you’ve got to bring ZUK Z1’s specified Type-C USB data ports wherever you go. If not, you’ll risk of having difficulties in finding those ports or people who want to lend theirs.


With everything that it has, ZUK Z1 is worthy to be called an affordably-priced flagship smartphone. There are legendary processors and currently-trending features included inside. Furthermore, ZUK Z1 is the first smartphone ever in the world that has the futuristic-looking USB port, which is USB Type-C.

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