Xiaomi Mi 5 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Since the release of Mi 1, Xiaomi has become a well known company in the field of smart phone and with technology flying high with time; they have proved their worth once again as they have released Mi 5. With exceptionally fast processor and wonderful engineering, this smartphone has already taken its place in the list of the top mobile phones and there is no reason you should not believe it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 69.2 x 144.6 x 7.3 mm
  • Build: Gorilla Glass
  • Weight: 139 g
  • SIM: Fits Dual SIM
  • Resolution of the mobile is very high: 1080 X 1920 px
  • Screen Size: 5.15”
  • Chipset used: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • Operating System: Android Marshmallow
  • Memory: 128 GB internal with 4 GB RAM
  • Primary camera: 16 MP
  • Speaker jack: 3.5mm
  • WLAN: dualband, WiFi, DLNA, WiFi Direct, hotspot
  • Messaging: MMS, SMS, Email, IM, Push Mail
  • Battery: 3000 mAh (Non removable)
  • Color available: White, Black, Ceramic, Gold


Mi5 from Xiaomi has been a combination of past and present. Engineers have taken the good things out of the past and fitted it like the 3D glass that was present in the Mi Note while they have introduced the all new home button.

The Mi 5 sure has some premium qualities like: the curved glass, metal frame, and a high quality display unit; No wonder this phone has taken its place on the list of top phones. The form of the phone is just the right thing that you would like to have when you are holding a phone. Even if you are holding this phone in one hand, you don’t need to be worried about losing it out of your hand. Although 3D glasses with curved edges are not something that is new to the market, rather Xiaomi actually brought this to market in the Mi Note.

There have been a few problems with the glass back of Mi 5. The problem is the slipperiness of the phone. It can really slip from any object that is touch slippery. Also, there is a fingerprint issue while you are holding the phone. But this problem hasn’t been reported by all the users. Only the users with black model have complained about this but the white model users haven’t reported any such problem as of yet. So, yes! You need to careful in choosing the color and where you leave the phone so that it does not slip from an unwanted height.

The phone is pretty much durable and the build quality is good when compared to the other phones in the same price range. The buttons for the power and the volume are well crafted and really stand Mi 5 out of the list.

If you love using the IR blasters then this phone is the one should attract you. Mi 5 has an inbuilt IR blaster on the top and using this you can control anything like television or a fan. You will delighted to know that, the remote app that this phone has can control most of the electrical appliances in your household, if you are really fond of using them, but there is also a few third party remote apps that can be handy for the users in the US.

This phone also incorporates the revolutionary notification LED. This LED gives you the option to customize your notification color according to the type of the app and that you can do from your phone menu. This actually helps you from checking your phone every time there is a notification. Rather than doing that, you can just check the color and understand if you need to check the notification at all. Also, this phone comes with a home button and 2 capacitive buttons which come up when you touch the phone and once again it follows the old tradition of Xiaomi phones although android won’t support such kind of layout.


In the recent times, Galaxy 7, HTC 10 etc high resolution phones has used the Quad High Definition display, but Mi 5 comes with the old triedandtrue HD resolution. This comes with the 1080p display panel that consumes less power from the battery and also it is not really something users can differentiate at the first go. So, this is a tricky and useful addition to the phone for sure.

The screen size of Mi 5 is 5.15” which is quite bigger and with the saturated, vibrant color combination, great contrast, deep black and nice view angle, this phone has really reinvented the 1080p display panel. Also the readability under the sunlight has been improved a lot and the adaptive brightness facility is just another wonderful addition to this amazing smart phone.


Performance wise, this phone has really rocked the market. With the Snapdragon 820 processor Xiaomi has produced one of the fastest smart phones that you can get. Although Mi 5 was first set to launch with the 810 Snapdragon processor but it delayed the launch and here it is today with the 820 Snapdragon processor which has no overheating issue and this one is even faster than the 810. And if you ask the users of Mi 5, they will also admit that they are really happy with the performance of this processor.

This Smartphone comes with either 3 GB or a 4 GB RAM. But even if you buy it with a 3 GB ram, it should be sufficient for you to handle all that you would like to. The speed won’t have any effect and the device doesn’t give any problem regarding the RAM.

Gaming is another reason why smart phones are really up for the user choice and this phone doesn’t disappoint you with the gaming performance as well. With the inclusion of Adreno 530, this smartphone has really set apart the gaming experience.

The combination of high speed processor and Aderno 530, you can play any high end that you like and you won’t face any sort of problem or trouble at all.


Mi 5 has a rear camera of 16MP which is at par with the market comparison level. This rear camera is really good when it comes to the photographing in a very good light condition. The images are very much sharp and have quite a good amount dynamic range as well. The images that you can take with this camera neither are over nor under saturated.

The flash has dual LED and that helps in taking more clear picture and the image stabilizer works fantastically well to reduce any sort of blur due to the motion photography. Basically, you get full value for your price and the high caliber camera is just another addition to this smart phone from Xiaomi.


The connectivity range of this smart phone is really amazing. It has wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, AGPS, and NFC. This phone has dual sim facility and you can use both of them simultaneously. As this mobile does not support the LTE network of USA, you can only use the HSPA mode for the cellular data activity.  In some cases you might face a problem while using the HSPA even but that is not a major problem that the users have faced.

When it comes to the calling quality, the Mi 5 once again stands apart from its competitors. The sound quality is excellent while in the call and if you need to make a load of calls per day or maybe you need to receive a lot of calls, this phone might be the best one that you should choose for a clear and loud voice calling sound.

Fingerprint detection of the Mi 5 has really improved. This is the fastest fingerprint recognizer that you can get from the market. It is even faster than the Nexus 6P, and this fact has come out from the experiments done by the experts. When you are trying to unlock the phone from sleep mode, it will take only one tenth of a second to unlock the phone and get you to the home screen. This is the actual measurement of how fast the fingerprint recognition is. Of course the processor has something to do with it, but the fingerprint module is fast enough to go with the fast processor as well and there is no denying of that fact.

The speaker quality is good from the volume aspect, but if you consider the position of the speaker it is not really the thing that a user would like to have. The user reviews show that people would like to have front facing speakers, at least the rear facing ones, but the side facing ones is the least favorite amongst the users. Although, if compare the sound quality and the volume, you will be happy with it and you can really overlook the minimal distortion of the sound coming out of the speaker. In one sentence, it’s a quality speaker fitted in a wrong place.

The Xiaomi has included the USB 3.0 port for the charging facility. Soon with the Xiaomi you might say goodbye to the USB chargers. The compatibility of this device with the quick charge 3.0 from Qualcomm is good enough to make it work like a dream. If you put the Mi 5 on charge at 0 % battery, you can have it 85% in just 30 mins and that is how fast the charger works. But if you use the standard charger provided by the Xiaomi, the charging will be slow and you would be disappointed.


The Mi 5 not only introduced the fast charging technology, but also it has worked on the hardware to give its battery a longer life than ever. The battery has a power of 3000mAh, and you can use it for almost a full day even if you use it all day. If you use it a bit lightly you can easily spend a day and a half with this battery life.

Although, the battery life is better than a galaxy 7 or other phones with the same 3000mAh battery, but this small factor can be overlooked when you are trying to select a phone that will be good for you in every aspect.


  • The smartphone has high quality built and excellent design
  • The display is pretty much impressive
  • The performance that it gives compared to the price is just awesome
  • Battery life is good enough and the mobile charge quickly with the usb 3.0
  • If you have a good amount of light, the camera works like picture perfect
  • The OIS with 4axis is really helpful
  • The fingerprint security works fast and really safe and accurate too
  • It also has IR blaster
  • The front camera is also great if you compare with the price range.
  • If you compare the price with the features, this smart phone is really affordable


  • The product is not available in the USA
  • It cannot support the 4G and LTE technology
  • If the light quality while taking picture is low, the camera does not work very efficiently
  • The unlocking process of boot loader is not really a normal one.


So, as it turns out, Xiaomi has come up with a brilliantly engineered smartphone that can run fast, can give you better gaming performance and can offer you a better picture quality. Not only that, the resolution is great, the battery life has been extended and you can enjoy a lot while listening to the songs or videos. This Mi 5 has really shaken the market of the smartphone with what it has got to offer its users and people really like this phone. One thing is for sure, although there are few small issues still to be resolved by the Xiaomi, but the fan base of Xiaomi phones will be looking forward to welcome a newly modeled and more advanced phone that will be full surprises and fast technology. Till then, enjoy the Mi 5 and wish good luck to the engineers of Xiaomi who will probably like to listen to your advice on modifications that they can make in their next version of smartphone.

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